Quality Report
Life Center is strongly committed to the delivery of quality services. To ensure that we do this on an ongoing basis, we have developed a quality assurance program. This program is based on an information management system, which focuses on the measurement of the outcomes; effectiveness, efficiency, access to services, and satisfaction. We regularly measure these in a way that shows us both our strengths and weaknesses. It is an ongoing and persistent effort to be better and better.
Effectiveness in our services is as important as it is difficult to define. We define effectiveness as our ability to help those we support accomplish their dreams. We work very hard with the members of each individual’s support circle to form meaningful goals and then hold ourselves accountable by tracking the degree to which we facilitate the accomplishment of these goals.
In a time when resources are limited, efficiency is no longer an ambitious goal, but a necessary way to ensure the supports we provide will continue without interruption. As an important part of our information management system, we constantly examine just how we use dollars to deliver services. Making sure funding received translates into the most meaningful service delivery possible is what we call efficiency.
Access to services is measured by our ability to connect those we support to the services they need. Knowing what each individual needs access to requires a sensitivity to each person’s cultural context, health condition, and specific likes and dislikes.
Finally, Satisfaction is determined by simply asking those we support and other stakeholders about it. Over the years we’ve had countless conversations with stakeholders about what areas they feel are important to be asked about, and then we started asking them. They have all been a part of an exciting growth process for our agency and those we support!

Qualitative Feedback from Person Supported Satisfaction Surveys
  • “My staff is wonderful!”
  • “Paul is doing well and seems happy.”
  • “I enjoy where I stay. I listen to music and we dance and sing.”
  • “Keep up the good work!”
  • “I am very happy with myself and my staff, I love Life Center.”
  • “I like Life Center because it’s very nice to live here with staff support. They treat me with respect. They help me manage my money, get groceries, and go to Tigers’ games.”
Qualitative Feedback from Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys
  • “(The Life Center team)...all do a wonderful job! As a Supports Coordinator, I make referrals for staffing supports often.”
  • "Great supports for my individuals! Families are especially satisfied with job coaching and community skill building support."
  • “The depth of professionalism and sincerity and reliability all just add up to what my daughter needs to thrive. Thank you!”
  • “(Our staff)...is a wonderful, caring, prompt, reliable support person. In addition, my son Philip genuinely likes her and looks forward to their time together.”
  • “I always receive prompt and courteous responses from all levels of staff and administration. I have worked hand-in- hand with your Program Coordinator for many individuals I supported and I have found her professional, caring, and effective in her role.”
  • “Of all the staffing agencies we use, I would choose Life Center should a family member of mine ever be in need of in- home supports. I value the partnership we have with the leadership at Life Center!”
  • “I have worked very closely with your Program Director and she has done an excellent job working in many difficult situations often times at only a moment’s notice. I have greatly enjoyed our collaboration.”
  • "Life Center is very flexible and will tailor a program to meet the needs of the individual.”
  • "Our caregiver is attentive, a good communicator, flexible and always has my son's best interests at the forefront. She is an asset to your group."
  • “Staff at Life Center has been wonderful. Management has been wonderful from the very beginning.” The staff’s support, care, and interest in my son have been beyond words and we thank Life Center.”
Qualitative Feedback from the Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • “Thanks for being a great company to work for.”
  • “I love where I work. The people I support make my job worth coming to.”
  • “I love my job and my company.”
  • “I am very happy to be a part of a company that makes a difference in the lives it touches.”
  • “My supervisor goes out of her way for the individuals she supports. She’s a very hard worker. She’s very dedicated!”
  • “I love where I work. My supervisor is great!”
  • “I feel that I am a valued member of the Life Center team.”
  • “Life Center is a great company to work for. I appreciate the employment and growth opportunity.”
  • “My supervisor is clearly passionate about her work and is genuinely concerned about all of the consumers. I feel strongly supported by her.”
Making a difference, one life at a time.